Your clients are overweight and suffer from back pain. Your work with them, but after they’ll be gone. Are they coming back? You don’t know.

But that’s not all.

You have an amazing amount of knowledge. And sometimes you think: “what if my clients had this knowledge?”. They’d be a lot healthier.

But, you’re behind closed doors in your gym or physiotherapy clinic. Only if your client pays, he gets your knowledge.

Things could be different though.

If you apply your knowledge , you can help clients when you work with them. As well as attract new ones and make old clients return.

That can’t be true!

It is.

If you publish content like blogs, e-books, flyers, and emails, you remind people of your practice. With your goals in mind, we remind your potential clients about you. And with which problems you can help them.

And then we do more. If necessary, we build a new website, do Search Engine Optimization and create a content marketing plan.

As a Physical Therapist with more than 4 years experience, I understand your world. And the digital side of things. I have a clear image of your clients and I understand your limited time. Your next client is waiting for you right now.

I look for the motivation behind your goals. With this information, we can create a tailored solution. In this process, I consider the consequences of our actions. Also the ones that aren’t part of your current project. I connect the dots between your treatment room, the gym and what you want to do on digital platforms.

Joel luistert goed naar je wensen en vertaalt dit uitstekend op papier. Keer op keer weer een unieke tekst van hoge kwaliteit. Daarnaast raffelt hij grotere projecten niet af. Ik ben zeer tevreden met zijn diensten en hoop nog lang met hem samen te werken.

Floor Zijlstra

Web Developer