Why Write a Blog?

Your blog is the place where you educate your clients. You show that you understand their needs. By doing this you appeal to potential clients as well.

If you write a blog regularly, search engines like your website better. A blog is, therefore, a great tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Write a blog to show your clients that you’re an expert in your field. A great text, wherein you reduce the pains your reader deals with.

Imagine, a typical visitor of your website asks, “What is the best way to prevent back pain?”. Use this question to write an answer. Show that you understand your readers, educate them, and give them something to work with. To diminish their back pain. This way they won’t forget you.

Don’t be afraid and share the knowledge you normally receive money for. This the knowledge that sets you apart from your competition. It also helps you attract attention. Even more so, this knowledge that only you possess.

If you have an idea, but no time to do it yourself? Then ask a freelance blog writer to do it for you.


What Does a Blog Writer Do?

A blog writer creates engaging texts for your blog.

To have an idea is one thing. To write it is ten. There are many steps in between. A freelance blog writer helps you to align your idea with the goal you have in mind. Together we create content that moves your reader.

But there is more.

An experienced blog writer chooses the right angle that creates a strong call to action. Something like: “use my service now”, or “schedule an appointment right away”.


Why Let TextinMotion Write your Blog?

I wrote and educated the public of personal trainers and of websites about health, fitness, and bodybuilding. Both in English and Dutch. I use professional medical, health, and fitness knowledge to write a unique blog. One that moves the reader.

It’s great to collaborate with Joël. He delivers on time, communicates well, and his content is a great read.


Casper Roseboom

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